Sava's, A Fresh Take on American Cuisine

Here are a photos from a shoot at the recently renovated Sava's! Sava's is on State St. and serves modern American cuisine.

Aventura, Modern Spanish Tapas

Here are a few photos from a shoot at Aventura, an Ann Arbor spanish tapas restaurant on Washington St!

Italian White Leather Sneakers

Here are product photos of a local designer's Italian white leather sneakers:


Office of University Development CDATS Event

Here are a few photos from the University of Michigan Office of University Development's CDATS event!

More photos from this event here.


White Lotus Farms 2015 Season Begins!

Here are a few "family" shots from White Lotus Farms' creamery, bakery, and gardens. Further down are special mothers day items soon to be on sale as well!


Portraits and Interiors at the Carlyle Grill

Here are a few portraits and scenes from the Carlyle Grill restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan.